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How to Escape A Toxic Relationship

I wrote this E-book based on my personal experience. I was in an extremely toxic relationship with a man for two and a half years.

The book covers:

1. What is Your History?

Why is it you think you are in a toxic relationship? What was your childhood like? What are the stories you tell yourself.

2. Understanding Dynamics:

What role do you each play in the relationship? Are you codependent, passive, the pursuer or the distancer? If you can understand the dynamics of the relationship you will know what you need to change.

3. Changing Dynamics by Changing Yourself:

One you decide to change the dynamics of the relationship you need to focus on changing yourself. We can never change another person, but you can inspire them to change.

4. Attracting The Love You Deserve:

If you decide to leave your toxic relationship you need to ensure that you aren’t attracting the same type of person all over again. If you want to attract a healthy partner you need to be healthy first.

I learned a lot about myself through my toxic relationship. At the time it was was excruciatingly painful,but looking back I realize it helped shape who am I today and made me a stronger person.

Hopefully it will give you some insight into whether you are in with someone who is toxic, whether you should leave the relationship and how to get out.

Click Here To Download (PDF)


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